Why stay at El Viajero Hostels?


To be a backpacker is a philosophy of life, an attitude which allows you to get
to know other cultures and travel the world. Our philosophy is to offer what we
ourselves look for when we travel: that you get to know us and treat us like another
friend and that in each place we live a new experience.


Our objective is that you have fun in the city as well as in the hostel, which is why
we organise daily activities so that you can integrate yourself and have the best
experience. It’s fundamental that backpackers get to know the culture and the local
people. Hence our staff make sure to give you the best informaction and advice
about what’s happening in that place.


We believe that a quality service is fundamental for any trip. Starting with the
beds and the room: our matresses are of the best quality and the rooms have air
conditioning and heating. We are obsessed with cleanliness. All of our hostels are
members of Hostelling International (HI) and have HI quality certification.


So that you get to know the culture and local customs it is essential to have local
staff. 95% of our staff are local and in our selection process it is an important
prerequisite to share our philosophy on treating our guests well and taking care of
them. All of our receptionists are bilingual, english-spanish, and the majority study
tourism. All of the managers have been receptionists, which means that there is a
culture of personal growth as well as growth in the workplace which motivates our
team to want to improve every day!